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Solution Provider of the Month: Michael Sanidiotis

At IPN we believe that by building strong collaborations and placing our customer’s needs above all, we can achieve the most optimal solution to our client’s real estate challenges.

By handpicking the Solution Providers who share our ethos, we feel that we not only offer the right options to the customer but continuously exceed their service expectations each and every time.

IPN works with a number of trusted partners across our network. Solution Provider of the Month is Michael Sanidiotis, expert hotel consultant:

Tell us more about your background?

I graduated from Lanition Gymnasium of Limassol, Cyprus in 1977. In 1979, after my national military service, I continued my studies at the Cyprus International Catering Institute obtaining a certificate in restaurant and bar management.

In 1980 moved to Strasbourg, France, where I followed a crash course in French language and simultaneously studied French History of Art at the Palais Universite De Strasbourg, obtaining a Certificate. I continued my studies at the Centre International de Glion in Switzerland, where I obtained a Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management.

In 1982 I joined the Hilton International hotel chain and served the company in higher managerial positions, in many countries i.e. United Arab Emirates, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, Japan, Bali and Australia.

In 1992 I resigned from the position of Area Director of Hilton International Greece, Cyprus and Eastern Europe and founded my own company, CMD Holdings Ltd, where I managed for almost 12 years as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

In July 2004 CMD Holdings divisions were sold and I accepted Leptos Calypso Hotels offer to become the Group General Manager of Sales & Marketing.

In 2009 I reigned from Leptos Calypso Hotels and started my own Hotel Consultancy firm.

Today, based in Cyprus, I offer my Consultancy services for a number of Hotel and Tourism enterprises in Cyprus and abroad.

You have worked in the hotel industry for over 30 years, what was the most important lesson you’ve learned?

I have about 10 life lessons that I’ve embraced on my career and life journey, and they are:

  1. Know what you stand for–and what you don’t. It gives you clarity. I stand for persistence, hard work, and never taking shortcuts.

  2. Don’t rest on your laurels. Instead, always strive for something outside of your comfort zone.

  3. Believe in the power of failure. It’s the best way to learn. Just remember to learn from your mistakes, and not to repeat the same ones.

  4. Trust your inner compass, even when the naysayers do not.

  5. Take the risk that takes you somewhere new. I changed my career at age 35 and started over. It took me to where I am today.

  6. Look back, but only to see how far you’ve come. You won’t see your next step if you’re constantly retracing your last one.

  7. Don’t be afraid to do the unexpected. That nervousness you feel means you’re growing.

  8. Remain humble, but let them know. It’s great to give credit more than you take credit, but when it’s your turn to own it, do that.

  9. Never stop learning, because it gives you courage. The more knowledgeable you are, the more comfortable you feel.

  10. A winner never quits – a quitter never wins.

3 Things my hotel job taught me that everyone should know:

1. Communication is key

This will allow you to obtain the guidance you need from co-workers and management to be successful in your role—and it will help you build stronger relationships and network more efficiently.

2. Always help your colleagues

While every business may not have as many complex layers as a hotel, finding a way to get different departments and professionals to work together to achieve a common goal is still just as important and will ultimately dictate how successful a business can be.

3. Go the extra mile

When I worked at the hotel, guests were sometimes difficult and demanding, with expectations that could be unrealistic. However, I noticed that when the staff found a way to “wow” a customer, they won their loyalty and ensured the continued success of the operation. To do this, employees always made an effort to demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy our guests.

What are you working on these days?

There are few projects in the pipeline that I work at the moment. The most demanding in time and planning are:

  1. A new 4 or 5-star hotel development in Protaras – Cyprus

  2. A new 4-star hotel development in Varna – Bulgaria

  3. The establishment of a new hotel management company on behalf of an international investment fund

Are there any exciting projects planned for the future between you and IPN Cyprus?

I am very proud to be an associate of IPN and assist in developing and establishing the Hotel and Special Projects division of the Company. Through this division, IPN will be able to provide for both buyers and sellers, unique specialized services such as:

  1. Brand Management, Operator Search & Contract Negotiations

  2. Hotel Situation Analysis

  3. Hotel Acquisition and Development

  4. Hotel Acquisitions Due Diligence

  5. Sale of Hotel

  6. Hotel Valuations & Appraisals

  7. Market & Financial Feasibility Studies

  8. Brand & Management Selection and Contract Negotiations

 What does your typical day look like?

A typical day in hospitality? I don’t think that exists!  As a hospitality consultant, the same rule applies. “This is not a job, it’s a way of life”

Why do you think Cyprus is so appealing to tourists?

A survey conducted recently by PwC clearly indicates that “89 percent of the tourists who were questioned said that the main reason they come to Cyprus is because of the sunshine, secondly, 53 percent said they come to see and taste the Cypriot culture and 42 percent said that they come for health and leisure.

Following this survey, I will also add one point that subconsciously influences today’s traveller’s decision to choose Cyprus for their holidays and this is safety. Cyprus is appealing as one of the safest destinations and I sincerely hope that remains like that.

What do you think makes Cyprus hotel industry so attractive?

Cyprus is expected to have a strong growth in arrivals by 2030 and is forecast to reach the 6 million arrivals which represent an increase of over 50% vs 2018.

The tourist arrival forecast makes the hotel industry of Cyprus very attractive to potential investors in terms of return on investment and real estate value increase.

How do you see the future of the hotel industry in Cyprus?

I believe that Cyprus has a bright future as a tourist destination and has an excellent potential to grow even further as a tourist destination. It will be possible to attract over 6 million tourists in 2030 provided all involved take the necessary actions towards this objective.

As a result of an increase in visitors, Cyprus will accrue significant economic benefits, attract new investment, and create thousands of new jobs.

In 2030, Cyprus could receive over 6 million tourists and generate around 26.000 direct and 19.000 indirect jobs. The contribution of tourism to the country’s GDP would be over 28%, prompting a total investment amount close to 18.5 billion euros (mostly from the private sector).

Michael Sanidiotis, expert hotel consultant

For more information on the hotel industry in Cyprus, IPN Cyprus, or how you can become a Solution Provider, contact the team on +357 25 31 31 81 or visit www.ipncyprus.com 

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