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Limassol Continues to lead the Way for major projects in Cyprus

Jul 13, 2023 4 minutes and 8 seconds


Limassol Greens, the Most Anticipated Golf Resort 

Limassol is abuzz with excitement over the upcoming Limassol Greens, the most anticipated golf resort in Cyprus. This under-construction project is set to offer an exceptional golfing experience amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of Limassol. With world-class facilities and meticulous design, Limassol Greens aims to attract golf enthusiasts from around the world, positioning Limassol as a premier golfing destination.

Grand Opening of Limassol Casino Resort

Adding to the excitement, Limassol's highly anticipated casino resort is scheduled to open in July. This multi-million euro project is set to redefine the entertainment and hospitality landscape of the city. With state-of-the-art facilities, luxurious accommodations, and a vibrant gaming experience, the casino resort is expected to attract visitors from around the world, boosting tourism and furthering Limassol's reputation as a premier destination.

The New Limassol Mall

Limassol is set to welcome the development of a new Limassol Mall. Plans have been shared for a Mall featuring stunning visuals and innovative design concepts presented by the visionary concept creator, Philodoxo, this project aims to redefine the shopping experience. The new mall will not only be a commercial hub but also a cultural and social landmark, offering visitors a unique blend of retail, entertainment, and leisure activities. 

Reflect Festival's Success as a Tech-Hub Event

Limassol's Reflect Festival has emerged as a must-attend event for tech enthusiasts and innovators. With its focus on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the festival has gained immense popularity, attracting over 5000+ guests annually. By showcasing cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaboration among industry leaders, Reflect Festival has positioned Cyprus as a tech-hub destination, driving economic growth and promoting Limassol as a hub for technological advancement


Rapid Construction of Limassol Private School

Limassol continues to demonstrate its efficiency and determination in the construction sector. A private school in the city was constructed in a remarkable 85 days. This achievement reflects Limassol's commitment to providing world-class educational facilities and meeting the growing demand for high-quality education.

A New International University

Limassol's ambition extends beyond physical development. A new Cypriot university is aiming to make its mark on the international education scene. With a focus on providing a world-class learning environment, this institution aims to attract international students and foster academic excellence. This initiative highlights Limassol's commitment to nurturing intellectual growth and establishing itself as an educational hub.

Agia Fyla's Multi-Purpose Development

The neighbourhood of Agia Fyla is set to undergo a transformative multi-purpose development project. This €856 large-scale initiative includes world-class educational facilities and a leading business park infrastructure which will increase the quality of life for residents while promoting economic growth. The project envisions a harmonious blend of residential, educational, commercial, and recreational spaces, ensuring a sustainable and inclusive environment for all.

Commercial & Residential updates

Kean Group's Changing Hands

The Kean Group, a well-established and successful presence in Cyprus for 74 years, recently underwent a change in ownership. This transition signals the resilience and adaptability of Limassol's business landscape. With its new leadership under bbf (Build Better Future), the Kean Group is poised to continue its legacy while embracing fresh perspectives and innovative strategies.

Revitalization of Abandoned SODAP Winery

The abandoned SODAP Winery, an iconic landmark with historical significance, has found new life through a remarkable acquisition. Valued at €32 million, the winery has been acquired with the intent to breathe new life into the area and create a dynamic space that blends heritage with modernity. This ambitious project will contribute to the city's cultural revitalization while preserving its rich heritage.

New Port's Increased Passenger Arrivals

Limassol's New Port is gearing up for an influx of tourists and cruise ships. With preparations in full swing, the city is expecting around 200 cruise ships and approximately 300,000 tourists. This surge in arrivals will not only bolster the local economy but also showcase Limassol's ability to cater to large-scale tourism demands. The New Port's modern facilities and excellent infrastructure position Limassol as a preferred port of call for cruise lines and a gateway to Cyprus.

Limassol's position as a leader in large-scale major projects in Cyprus is firmly established. Through visionary developments like the upcoming Golf course, the revitalization of the SODAP Winery, the new international university, the Agia Fyla multi-purpose project, the evolving Kean Group and many more the city is transforming its landscape and diversifying its offerings. As investors, tourists, and enthusiasts flock to this dynamic city, Limassol will continue to thrive and lead the way as not only a major city in Cyprus but also as a key European destination.








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