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Solution Provider of the Month: KappaSigma Partners

At IPN we believe that by building strong collaborations and placing our customer’s needs above all, we can achieve the most optimal solution to our client’s real estate challenges.

By handpicking the Solution Providers who share our ethos, we feel that we not only offer the right options to the customer but continuously exceed their service expectations each and every time.

IPN works with a number of trusted partners across our network. Solution Provider of the Month is KappaSigma Partners, a Greek based company offering real estate services. We spoke to Katerina Stavrinou, Founder & CEO of the company:

Tell us more about KappaSigma Partners and your role?

Kappasigma Partners is a real estate services company, supporting clients globally in the formulation and execution of their real estate strategy – offering its services with an innovative and flexible approach. We specialize in uncovering hidden values and in asset management for all types of property – from small assets to large property portfolios.

Our services are highly research led, for informed decision making and based on the teamwork of our selected local and international professional partners, who have a diverse background of expertise in all sectors that are relevant to real estate.

We provide real estate consultancy, valuations, research reports, project management and investment advice. We take a results driven approach, aiming at the highest levels of satisfaction of our clients.

My role as a CEO is to develop the strategy of the company and ensure the high quality of the services to our clients, by providing support, training, developing procedures, encouraging at the same time new ideas on an almost daily basis and the involvement of the staff in upgrading our services and execution.

What would you say your company’s main USP is?

We are a knowledgeable and trusted partner for our clients.

What does your typical day look like?

A number of appointments with clients, discussing projects with personnel and providing guidance, liaison with external partners, reading – gathering information about new developments that may have an impact on the real estate markets we deal with.

Why do you think Cyprus, particularly Limassol is so appealing to investors and property buyers abroad (buyers from Greece)?

Cyprus is a well organized country, with low taxation, highly educated human resources, friendly people, low crime, sunshine throughout the year. Furthermore, Limassol, in particular, has a multinational character with many nationalities working or coming to Cyprus to live permanently.

In your busy role as Founder & CEO, how do you oversee that the work is done correctly and ensure consistency?

By careful selection of personnel as a basis, training provision and ensuring that I am informed about the progress of the service provided by being copied to correspondence and by discussing and providing guidance as necessary.

How do you see the future of foreign property investment?

As investors are having access to a wealth of information through internet and seeking more and more better returns, cross border investments are on the rise and countries, cities, developers and consultants that do well in promoting their ‘product’ can only gain from the appetite for good investments.

And the future of the relationship between KappaSigma and IPN?

We value our partnership with IPN and we would like to be considered as strong and trusted partners for IPN.

Katerina Stavrinou, Founder & CEO, KappaSigma Partners

For more information on KappaSigma Partners, IPN Cyprus, or how you can become a Solution Provider, contact the team on +357 25 31 31 81 or visit www.ipncyprus.com 

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