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Schuchmann Luxury Wine Villas: European luxury with a Georgian spirit

Imagine yourself sitting on your private terrace, relaxing with a glass of quality red wine as you take in the greenery that surrounds you. Or maybe spoiling yourself to a SPA treatment followed by a meal at a high-class Georgian restaurant overlooking the Caucasus mountains…

All this and more can be possible at Schuchmann Wines Château & SPA and Schuchmann Luxury Villas, an exclusive concept created by Schuchmann in Kakheti, Georgia.

Schuchmann Wines was founded in 2008 by a German philanthropist and entrepreneur, Burkhard Schuchmann, in the heart of the Georgian wine growing region of Kakheti.

The winery focuses on producing exclusive wines from indigenous grape varieties using both, traditional European production methods as well as ancient techniques of Georgian winemaking dating back as far as 8000 years.

Nestled between the vineyards sits the Schuchmann Wines Château, a boutique style 20 room hotel with beautiful views of the Caucasus mountains and the Alazani valley.

The hotel is part of a larger complex of buildings, including a Georgian restaurant and the Schuchmann Wine SPA.  The SPA offers unusual therapies based around wine, including wine massage using grape stones and grape seed oil as well as wine baths.

Due to the success of the hotel & SPA, Schuchmann continues to look to add to its offering and presents an opportunity for investors to own a piece of the Schuchmann success story by investing in Schuchmann Luxury Villas.

Concept Schuchmann offers a number of detached villas for sale, designed in a luxury village style featuring exclusive wooden furniture, with full outdoor and indoor infrastructure.

By owning a private villa, you will also benefit from the facilities that Schuchmann Wines Château & SPA offers, including outdoor and indoor swimming pool, tennis ground, mini golf, gym and more.

As part of the project, Schuchmann Luxury Villas will also offer a private winemaking club, where you can create your own branded Georgian wine (including worldwide delivery),  wine boutique, housekeeping and concierge services.

For those investors looking for a return, Schuchmann offers to manage these Villas with projected yields of 10% as well as residence permit for Georgia.

Having visited the beautiful region and witnessing first-hand the impressive package on offer, IPN Cyprus is excited to represent Schuchmann Luxury Villas in the Mediterranean region.

To introduce the project in Cyprus, IPN Cyprus will be hosting an event on Thursday 6th September (from 6:30 pm). During this event, you will be able to find out more about this project and have an opportunity to sample the exclusive wines from the region.

For more information about this investment opportunity or if you would like to attend the event, please email us at [email protected] or call us on +357 99 74 47 76.

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