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Founder & Chairman

The Founder and Chairman of IPN, Mr. Vasos established International Property Network in 2016. He holds an MBA degree in Tourism Development from the University of Luton, United Kingdom. 


An entrepreneur at heart, Vasos developed his interest in growing companies since a young age. 


His vision of enabling property customers to make informed decisions throughout the buying and selling process, fast and easy, has led to the creation of a unique company model that is IPN.



Managing Director

IPN’s Managing Director, Achilleas is in charge of growing the business & running its day to day operations.


Before joining IPN, Achilleas, a Manchester University Business School graduate has previously worked with a global property developer where he project led the implementation of three innovative property brands.


Achilleas' passion for customer service can be seen across all facets of the company as he looks to continually improve its customer service offering.



Marketing & Branding Manager

 IPN’s marketing and branding manager, Anastasija focuses on generating IPN’s brand awareness, leads and revenue by implementing an effective marketing strategy using digital and traditional marketing methods.


Anastasija holds an MSc in International Marketing from Manchester University and before joining the team, she worked with a global property developer based across three continents, working as part of a UK marketing team that generated leads and drove sales across the business.


Today, her main focus is ensuring that IPN’s passion for customer service is transmitted across the whole brand.



Sales Executive

IPN’s Sales Executive, Peter, has extensive experience in the hospitality and sales industries and believes in a personalised approach when it comes to sales.


Bringing years of customer service knowledge to the IPN team, Peter works on building relationships and guiding his clients along the way.

As a results-driven individual, Peter thrives

on taking the lead through to completion ensuring that his client finds exactly what they’re looking for and more.

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